"ASTWood" Ltd is deal with production and supply of lumber. We also offer to our customers necessary services for wood processing by impregnation (autoclave impregnation) including: antiseptic, protection from fungus, application of fireproof and bio protective coatings.

 Here you can order impregnation of your lumber:

  • Construction beams / traverse beams
  • Sleeper products: Bar for turnouts, according to СТП09150.56.010 – 2005 Ties and sleepers, according to GOST 78-2014
  •  Pillars and wooden supports
  • Stakes for vineyards
  • Fence board
  • Block house
  • Simulation of the bar
  • Terrace board
  •  Bar, batten, shingles
  • Saw-timbers for external works of any sizes.

            German equipment is a powerful autoclave that allows you to treat wood under high pressure in a short time, giving a beautiful appearance of wood and protecting it from moisture, decay, pests for a long time. You do not need an annual re-treatment with antiseptics. The "Vacuum-Pressure-Vacuum" method will save you additional costs for the protection and preservation of wood.

Implementation of sawmill waste.

We invite to cooperation organizations that purchase waste of sawmill production (sawdust, slab, waste, chips).

Services for processing wood by impregnation


Protection against fungus

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