"ASTWood" Ltd is a young developing company created by a team of initiative qualified specialists. Wood processing is the main field of activity of our company. We fulfill orders for sawing, planing and autoclave impregnation of sawn timber from coniferous and deciduous species of wood. The company has set itself the task of maximizing satisfaction of its customers' needs in the wood processing and protection services market since its inception. "ASTWood" Ltd cooperates with large construction companies, road construction organizations, design bureaus, dealers from Belarus regions and the near abroad and with private individuals.

Modern equipment

Pleasant appearance

Long term of maintenance

Certified technology

Direct contact with water and soil

Ecological compatibility


Production and impregnation of sawn wood on our own equipment eliminates the chain of intermediaries and reduces costs.

Manufacture of sleeper products according to state standard (GOST). Piece making and antiseptic treatment of wooden beams and sleepers during railway repair work.

The largest autoclave among the similar equipment in Belarus allows handling more than 10 cubic meters of wood simultaneously.

Competent planning of large complex orders and the fastest execution of private orders.

Individual approach on all terms of cooperation.

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  • We are grateful to the ASTWood team for working together on the project. The customer is satisfied with the quality and speed of the performance of the sawing and impregnation of its sawn timber. We hope that all our joint projects will be productive and mutually beneficial.

    We wish success and development of your company!

  • I hasten to express my gratitude to you for competent consultations in the field of woodworking, properly selected impregnating materials, execution of works for sawing, drying and processing of wooden beams and boards for the construction of my house. It's nice to deal with professionals. On behalf of my family, I thank you and all the staff who participated in the process. I wish to achieve new heights, expand sales markets and introduce all innovative ideas!

  • We thank your company for productive cooperation within the common construction work. It's nice to work with professionals in the woodworking industry. The quality of lumber, deadlines for fulfillment of orders and logistics in your company are very high! We wish you not to reduce the pace of work, to achieve new goals, growth and prosperity!